I can't believe I messed up this bad

I’ll admit it. I fucked up… BAD

I’d been putting off researching altcoins because “its a bear market”

Plenty of time, right?

Huge mistake.

Twice now I’ve watched my great friend Andy trade a $10K wallet into nearly a million dollars through shrewd research…

And twice now I’ve watched him fumble the bag at the end.

Older, wiser, seasoned now… the third time’s a charm for all of us.

Bear markets feel like they last forever.

And what seeds the new bull market is one specific thing.

The feeling that “maybe, this time it won’t come back”

“Maybe that was the last crypto bull market ever and it's all just a big scam”

THAT feeling, more than any other… is what causes things to get fundamentally undervalued…

Which sows the seeds of things being fundamentally OVERVALUED later.

So I fucked up. Stopped caring about new projects.

And in the process I missed out on the hidden bull market that’s been going on right under our noses.

Today’s victim, Bluezelle, has been a 36x gain in the last month.

And I’m getting ready to short it all the way back down.

Together with James, my buddy Nik, and a few other seriously pro-level traders we’ve cracked the code on these pump and dumps.

Figured out exactly why these seemingly random shitcoins keep popping off to the moon.

A market maker called DWF Labs cornered the supply on this coin, bought it all up at a discount.

And once they controlled the supply, they could manipulate it wherever they want.

The good news is that this is a highly repeatable and systematic process.

Just requires a little grunt work.

There’s no chart reading, no price action setups.

It’s purely mechanical.

I’ve distilled it into a follow-the-numbers system that anyone can do.

This Thursday 7pm EST I’ll be dishing it all out.

And if you’ve been to one of my webinars before you’ll know that I HOLD NOTHING BACK.

It’s not some kind of bait and switch marketing play.

I give the goods away, complete. Every single time.