A comprehensive list of income trading strategies

Longer term investing systems (like FinRev) have an obvious weakness…

They are totally and completely useless for generating a reliable income.


Short version: You are holding trades for weeks and sometimes for months… it takes a while to play out.

That’s good, because longer time horizons are less impacted by trading costs.

That’s bad, because I have the attention span of a meth-addled rat.

The more trades I take the quicker the law of large numbers kicks in and the good and bad luck even out.

The Crypto Salary System is great for this, but after 6 months of trading we have a new system that’s both EASIER TO TRADE and EVEN MORE PROFITABLE.

The results are and an extremely valuable addition to the arsenal of any intraday traders.

Anyone who is starting with a small account, or trying to break free from wage-slavery… you probably need to man the fuck up and start trading MOAR.

There’s a downside

What’s the right way to start more active trading?

The correct mindset is to wake up and ask yourself one question…

“What can I do to make money TODAY?”

For most traders you aren’t going to be able to beat a “portfolio of edges” approach.

That means a mix of systems and edges so that you can end the day with a consistent profit.

And it should look like this - with a solid base of the most reliable and easiest strategies before you think about more complicated things.

For the next few months I'm going to be running through literally every single way that I know to GENERATE INCOME from the markets.

In order:

  1. Crypto Cash System (the best first)

  2. Altcoin Stat-arb relative value trades

  3. Risk Free On-chain Arbitrage

  4. Liquid Staking Arbitrage - the current HOT trading strategy

  5. Liquidity Providing and Market Making for small traders

  6. Liquidation strategies and short squeezes

It’s going to be a full schedule for the next few months.

They all rise in degree of difficulty so lets start with the easy wins first, M’kay.

I’m holding a seminar this Wednesday 7pm EST where I’ll be showing you the whole system in exhaustive detail.

And if you actually turn up I’ll give you the written rules to take away.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER (its limited to 1000 ppl and sure to fill up so get in now)

See you there


P.s. I’m sure you have questions.

Q: Why would I use this system instead of FinRev, which is fully automated and set-your-watch reliable?

A: FinRev is for compounding gains over years. It’s the best thing if you want to retire wealthy, but some people have more pressing needs.

Q: Where can I learn more about FinRev?
A: Here’s the information you seek and

Q: Finrev sounds easier?

A: Way easier (you can get it here) but slower

Q: I know this is some kind of bullshit bait and switch where you just tease me for an hour and then ask for money, right?

A: That's a hard no from me, dawg. This is a NOTHING HELD BACK session. I’ll be sharing the complete rules and you will walk away with a complete system you can use. If you want coaching or help, sure I offer that, but honestly it's not necessary.