The critical question for pro traders

What can I do to make money TODAY?

Crypto markets are like a Rorschach test right now

The bullish case looks like this

Problem is, you can make a pretty decent bearish case as well

What’s the truth?

Unless fresh buyers come into crypto this rally is on its last legs.

That could happen. But instead of guessing at it, far easier to LISTEN to the market.

FinRev is telling us the market is perfectly balanced, and therefore has no position long or short in BTC.

That makes sense, right? The stonk market had a terrible week last week and if it keeps going that way crypto will probably get dragged down this week too.

But there’s other stuff moving that we do have a position in… and these moves have kept us in the game while we wait for a big move across the board.

Like YGG for example

Boring, but it works.

How boring? Really fuckin boring to be fair.

So you want excitement? Action? Thrills and spills?

Thrill of victory and agony of defeat?

Man in the arena, you.

Well I gotchu fam.

The next few months I’m going to be showing all my degenerate income generating systems.

If you are going to grind out a salary from crypto ideally you want a portfolio of edges.

If you work carry trades only (like the CSI system) then sometimes carry isn’t going to work well.

Which brings us to the first variation.

The list of stuff that “really works” isn’t as long as you think.

  • Carry

  • Trend

  • Cross sectional momentum

  • Value (but crypto is magic beans so there’s no such thing)

  • Mean reversion

  • Arbitrage

  • Relative Value Strategies

You might not know all of these, but you will over the next few months.

Virtually EVERY system that works is some kind of unholy mash up of one or more of those.

For example I just took a pairs trade (relative value) going long MANA and short SAND simultaneously.

They are both failing metaverse coins with a super high correlation.

In theory they should move up and down together, but in the middle panel you can see that MANA is pulling ahead.

This kind of trade (called “spreading” by pros) is a mainstay of traders who only eat what they kill.

We will be diving into it in detail but first lets walk before we run.

This Wednesday 7pm EST I will be demoing FOR THE FIRST AND ONLY TIME the new Crypto Cash System.

It’s based on a very well known property of markets… mean reversion in the direction of the higher timeframe trend.

I’ll be showing a bunch of math-y stuff proving it all out, and the simple, easy to follow rules so you can wake up, stalk a trade, make some cash and clock off.

You should definitely come… if you haven’t seen one of my system launches its something to behold.

I don’t believe in that bait-and-switch marketing stuff, I just give the complete rules away for free.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER (its limited to 1000 ppl and sure to fill up so get in now)

See you there


P.s. I’m sure you have questions.

Q: Why would I use this system instead of FinRev, which is fully automated and set-your-watch reliable?

A: FinRev is for compounding gains over years. It’s the best thing if you want to retire wealthy, but some people have more pressing needs.

Q: Where can I learn more about FinRev?
A: Here’s the information you seek and

Q: Finrev sounds easier?

A: Way easier (you can get it here) but slower

Q: I know this is some kind of bullshit bait and switch where you just tease me for an hour and then ask for money, right?

A: That's a hard no from me, dawg. This is a NOTHING HELD BACK session. I’ll be sharing the complete rules and you will walk away with a complete system you can use. If you want coaching or help, sure I offer that, but honestly it's not necessary.