Discount expires in 20hrs

If you want to join the 100xCoinClub today is the final day its available.

(And if you’ve followed me a while you know I don’t bool-sheet about stuff like that)

Here’s the deal.

You know how you see a coin inexplicably going 10x in a few days or 100x in a few months?

Most of the time it's a scam orchestrated by an unholy trinity of exchanges, market makers and exchanges.

It’s got nothing to do with the real world utility or the merits of the project.


A fugazi.

And that’s GREAT NEWS.

You see, there is a secret bull market going on in the scammiest shitcoins… and we can cut ourselves in.

When you notice market manipulation you CAN trade alongside the manipulators, right?

The big manipulations leave big footprints in the sand.

We’ve reverse engineered the whole thing so we can ride along for massive profits.

This is something our company is devoting massive resources to, and I’m LOVING IT.

We sent out our first buy alert a few hours ago and it’s already made money for our members

This coin is on the move and it's just getting started.

I *love* this new system!

But that’s not all you get.

Our very own Robot James (follow him on twitter, he’s the literal best trader I know) resurrected his best system from the FTX days for the new Hyperliquid exchange

And it’s printing money on Hyperliquid right now.

We built a cool tool to do the heavy lifting for you, and I built a comprehensive video training you can have too.

This really is a magnificent system and it pairs perfectly with the 100xCoinClub

So to recap…

You get…

  • 100xCoinClub System Training (lifetime access)3 months of alerts (simple Buy/Sell)

  • Access to our exclusive 100xCoinClub community

  • Led by me personally

  • 3 months of weekly live calls

  • Dirty Carrie Hyperliquid Exchange System

  • Liquidity Providing Training

It’s a fantastic deal and only available for another 24hrs