How to get my newest day trading system for free (one time)

I’m gonna get a bit nerdy and dirty today, so bear with me.

We are releasing our Crypto Crash System in 48hrs and I’d like to share some data with you.

Of course we did a substantial backtest and have been trading it live for 6 months already.

That’s table stakes, and to be expected.

But not enough. Not even close.

What needs to be true for a system to be good?

It needs to be an edge.

No amount of trickery, extra rules, or curve fitting bullshit can put enough lipstick on a pig of a system without a real edge.

So what's OUR edge?

What we are doing is taking the strongest forecasts from our FinRev system and scalping intraday in the direction of that higher timeframe edge.

Sounds legit… but what's the proof?

When we plot trend forecast strength against the next day returns we see ALL SIX of our trend following algos have strong predictive power.

If only some of our algos were predictive it would be a red flag but its obvious we are dealing with a strong edge.

Conclusion. Trend strength predicts tomorrow's returns. If you have a strong trend expect it to go up faster than a weak trend.

Now we can look at how this holds over time. You can see that the prediction decays over time and after 2 weeks it’s basically a coin flip.

This is exactly what we want to see.

When we break it down day by day, with trend forecasts broken down into 10 chunks (kwants call those deciles)

You can see that every day for at least the first week or so we have a strong linear relationship between trend forecast and how much money you made.

Weak trend, small profits. Strong trend, big profits.

Plain English: Our trend forecasts are STRONGLY predictive. Especially for the first few days.

When we extend this out to two weeks we can see that on average this holds true but the very strongest trend readings are likely to reverse by day 11-14.

Good to know.

Anyway, we’ve built a whole system around this, and the good news is it’s simple to trade.

All this mathy goodness gives me a heart boner, but I’m admittedly weird.

You don’t need to know anything technical to trade this system and I’ll be teaching the whole thing Wednesday 7pm EST.

The results are FIRE and I’ll be sharing the exact rules ONE TIME on Wednesday.

After that, if you want it, you gonna have to pay me.

But if you have the slightest bit of time management you can get it for free

Register HERE (Wednesday 7pm EST)