I'm a baggie

I’m a bag holder in WOO

It’s not a good look, to be honest.

I’ve been wildly bullish on this coin for several years now…

And yet, the price hasn’t pumped.

I still LOVE this coin.

I love the project.

This is an excellent exchange business with low fees. Funded by highly competent market makers Kronos, with influential VC backing… it has a proven business model.

And the technology works amazingly well.

10/10 tech, team, investors, everything.

My Brothers in Christ… WHY has this coin failed to pump?

You’ll recall the P.U.M.P.E.D system

Step 1 - Players must have capability of pumping (yes they do)

Step 2 - Unlocked tokens.

This is the problem. Team and investor tokens are still being unlocked, and a lot of those investors want to sell.

$2m worth of selling pressure in the last week alone.

As long as there is selling pressure it’s unlikely the coin can 100x in price (which it definitely can eventually)

So that explains things, right?

Partially, but not completely.

Remember, a coin pumping has a purpose.

The purpose is so that early investors can offload their magic bean tokens onto retail.

In a bull market this happens automagically as retail investors start googling “which coin should I buy?” and getting tips off their mates.

But right now, the ONLY exit liquidity is through perpetual futures markets.

And we only have 20m worth of potential liquidity on a $270m market cap.

This fails another one of our P.U.M.P.E.D system criteria.

Wish I had figured this out earlier.

Too soon old and too late smart, I guess.

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