Latest FinRev performance data

Figuring out the crypto markets has been an all-consuming obsession for many years now.

And it’s paying off, big time.

Tomorrow I’ll be demo-ing the FinRev system, showing the latest results and letting you see under the hood of our flagship FinRev system.

I’ll also be talking a little bit about the ongoing research projects our very own @therobotjames has going.

I’ll be sharing…

  • The latest hard data on how predictive our signals are

  • The secret sauce behind the outperformance of bollinger momentum signal, and how we’ve used it to generate 4 groundbreaking new trend signals with a significant performance boost

  • How close we are to adding cross-sectional trend and carry into our system to make it more consistent and less jumpy

The presentation is at 8pm EST and you can register HERE

Also, today is the FINAL DAY to get Euan and James’ “Hedge fund strategies for retail traders” course.

I did it. I loved it. Learned a TON that even after all this time I was completely ignorant of.

Euan is literally the worlds greatest expert on volatility trading (he wrote the textbooks on it FFS) and even better, he doesn’t look down on retail traders.

And here is a link to get it.

This is the best money you can spend on trading education.

Don’t forget my presentation tomorrow at 8pm EST and you can register HERE


P.s. RLB, the scammiest coin in the known universe (we’ve been long for a month now) took the recent sell off in its stride and is already catching a bid.

This is extremely bullish price action. A microcap coin that can take a punch and not go down will skyrocket on any positive market regime.

P.p.s James is currently doing horrendously manipulative things to the price of his own shares on https://Friend.Tech

Things which ought to be highly illegal, but because it’s crypto are merely highly profitable.

He’s actively pumping his own coins higher for twitter clout, and he usually wins at this kind of game.

P.p.p.s I got asked where I live.

I live in Bang Tao, Phuket, which is a quiet and sleepy village in the northern part of Phuket Island in Thailand.

About 45m drive from the tourist places, it’s exactly what you imagine when you think “tropical island”

Elephants just walk around like they own the joint… not in a zoo just chillin’

Why there? Well I always had in my mind that I wanted to live in one of thesmall surf towns on the Eastern coast of my native Australia.

But the Australian property market went full retard and I can’t afford the 10 million dollars it costs to buy a house.

Putting off “the life I really want” didn’t make sense, so we moved from Bangkok a year ago and created the tropical surf life of our dreams.

Bought the kid a puppy. Shoulda done it years ago.

The beach is like this in the rainy season. Totally empty, just me and my doggo.

As it should be.

Trading has given me the life I always wanted. It’s been a difficult row to hoe, not gonna lie… but I’m grateful for the ups and downs of trading life.