Pinchy the lobster

One of my favorite price action setups is “Pinchy the Lobster”

ee how those bands are pinched together real close?

Those bands are 2 standard deviations of closing prices.

When the bands pinch it means nothing is happening, literally.

It’s so fucking boring I can’t even…

And that’s the thing.

When markets get super exciting you generally have no idea what comes next.

That’s what makes them exciting, right?

And when markets start getting boring… you actually DO KNOW what's probably going to happen.

A boring market is probably going to get even more boring…

And even more boring…

And I’m going to struggle to make up a plausibly interesting thing to say about it…

And then right when nobody gives a hairy fuck about it anymore…

WHAM! Shit goes cray cray again.

There’s actually a bunch of maffs backing this all up but nobody wants to know that shit.

Volatility (how much the market wiggles) is far more predictable than price.

It goes from boring to exciting and back to boring and then wakes up in very predictable ways.

Right now we are at the LOWEST volatility since 2012.

So when this market wakes up, it’s going to go NUTS.

If it breaks up, you want to be balls long every degenerate coin you can find.

If it breaks to the downside, things are going to get very ugly.

I’m generally not a big fan of guessing at which way the cards are going to fall.

I want to just ride whatever trends the market gives me.

I’ve got two ways for YOU to profit from it.

The easy way. Fully automated. Grinds it out 24/7 and spits the money straight to your account.

Easy, but slow. Takes a few years to see big progress.

The fast way (with a catch) is to wake up, check the trend forecaster and catch quick day-trades in the direction of the strongest trends.

Works great, highly profitable, but it's a few minutes of work.

Which brings me to my point.

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