Profiting from the biggest scam in crypto

its asshole season

You might think that the coins that rapidly appreciate in price must be the best projects, with the most real world utility, and the best future prospects.

Nuh uh.

It’s fake. A fugazi. A bunch of froth purely designed to generate enough excitement that retail buyers ape in.

Let me explain how the scam works.

DWF Labs is the cocky poster child of this, but all the market makers are in on it.

It's so blatant there’s a name for it… the “Binance Cartel”

They claim to be a market maker, but what they really do is find projects where they can buy up most of the free supply at a discount.

Because Crypto is busy replicating all the scams which TradFi banned in the early 1900’s this is all done out in the open, on a site called 

There’s plenty of tokens willing to do this devil deal because its a bear market and some of them are down bad and need cash to keep the lights on.

In fact, DWF doesn’t really do much market making at all.

You can see that on two of their recent pumps, only a tiny amount of market making was even attempted.

Except I guess spoofing, wash trading, and market manipulation are kinds of market making LOL.

For example, when DWF bought their $13.8 million position in YGG recently they immediately started selling 50 YGG sells again and again and again.

Because of the way funding rates are calculated, these small sells manipulate the funding rates, and make it VERY advantageous to go long (you get paid the funding rate).

In this case it was ¼ of one percent every 8 hours, which adds up to a few thousand percent a year to go long.

A bunch of idiots got long for that, and DWF sold out into the liquidity they whipped up out of thin air.

They aren’t even hiding it anymore.

The aim is to increase volumes through buying and selling repeatedly (called wash trading)

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