The Secret Bull Market I Never Noticed

There is a secret bull market going on in crypto…

And it’s been hidden from all of us.

I didn’t notice until very recently.

There’s massive coin pumps going on… and there’s nothing random about it.

Traders are calling it “the Binance cartel” and it’s a shady group of VC’s colluding with market makers and exchanges to corner the market in low float shitcoins.

They are buying up the available supply to manipulate the prices way up.

And this Thursday 7pm EST I’ll be showing you EXACTLY how to spot these coins ahead of the manipulation…

Ride them all the way up

Then jump out at the perfect time.

Like TRB over the weekend which I’ve been talking about in these emails.

I’ve systematized the whole process into a reliable and repeatable process

And I’ll be dishing all the goods in a special one-off webinar