Special Announcement

I’m excited as fuck!

Our research team have finished 6 months of battle testing our phenomenal new day trading system.

This is very different from our flagship FinRev system in that it is designed FOR INCOME.

If you are starting with a very small account FinRev probably doesn’t make sense for you until you can build it up a little.

But this new system does…

Check these results our coaches have gotten over the last 6 months of trading

There’s a catch though.

There’s a learning curve. It’s NOT automated (automating day trading systems is 10x harder than slower systems) but even beginner traders should be able to pick it up with 1-2 weeks of practice.

But I hear you say “Scott, I’m kind of lazy and honestly below average intelligence. Surely you can help?”

Of COURSE I can help.

I’ll be teaching it in exhaustive detail FOR FREE, with NOTHING HELD BACK next Wednesday 7pm EST

And if you actually turn up to the seminar I’ll give you the written rules to take away

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER (its limited to 1000 ppl and sure to fill up so get in now)

See you there


P.s. I’m sure you have questions.

Q: Why would I use this system instead of FinRev, which is fully automated and set-your-watch reliable?

A: FinRev is for compounding gains over years

Q: I know this is some kind of bullshit bait and switch where you just tease me for an hour and then ask for money, right?

A: That's a hard no from me, dawg. This is a NOTHING HELD BACK session. I’ll be sharing the complete rules and you will walk away with a complete system you can use. If you want coaching or help, sure I offer that, but honestly it's not necessary.