My Spidey Sense is Tingling

My spidey sense is tingling and I think markets might be about to shit the bed across the board.

Usually I’m not a beartard doom merchant but there’s some stuff not adding up.

Global markets have been risk on all year, but after a full year of proving everybody wrong complacency has set in.

It’s the same old story, buy markets when everyone hates them, sell them when everyone loves them.

You can see the average true range is the lowest it has been in several years… and the implied volatility from the options market is incredibly low as well.

Basically markets are calm to the point of being deathly boring right now and that's dangerous as hell.

These are exactly the situations where things can go downhill in a hurry.

The bulls haven’t been able to post a higher close for 4 days in a row now, the bears are just starting to take control.

Despite all the bragging about winning the inflation war… interest rates are going up.

The crypto charts look quite bullish actually, but if the whole risk sentiment changes that would change instantaneously.

Which brings me to my point

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