The strongest intraday edge we have

“Ideally you want an edge so strong that you can trade it with a potato” Robot James, the best trader I personally know.

This edge is so strong that we can simply slot in our existing CSI system and it works incredibly well.

It makes sense, too. The strongest trending coins yesterday are the coins most likely to go up today.

Uncontroversial take. Simple. You could literally trade it with a potato.

Seriously, randomly picking a coin from the list would probably work ok, but we have something much better.

We just did our special live presentation on the exact rules of the new Crypto Cash System and it was a big hit.

As promised, here is the REPLAY.

And here is the written rules

But here’s the basics.

You go to THIS PAGE (no I’m not charging you for it, what kind of asshole do you think I am?)

It’s gonna bring up a list of the strongest trending coins, like this

These are the coins with the highest statistical probability of continuing to go up today.

(there’s a shit-ton of evidence backing that up, check here)

We then load up a 15 minute chart and look for a particular price pattern that my long time readers will be well familiar with. (here’s a video explaining it in exhaustive detail)

You can see that top of that list is AKROUSDT, and it caught a winning trade yesterday (it was on the list then, too) and will probably paint another setup in the next few hours.

There’s a little bit more to it than that, but not much.

A few weeks of practice and you’ll be up and running.

It works, it’s the strongest day trading edge we’ve yet encountered and so far has an expectancy of around .5.

For non-nerds that means that if your bet size is $1000, on average after you take out all the losing trades you should make $500 per trade.

Most viable trading systems are in the range of .1-.25 expectancy, so this is performing approximately double what I’d call a “good system”.

Here’s the deal.

If you’d like our help in getting up to speed we have a 3 month course to help.

You get

  • 2 introductory sessions 7pm EST 22nd and 29th August teaching the system for brand newbies. If you’ve never traded before you want to attend (or watch the recordings)

  • 4x weekly live trading calls 8pm EST Monday, Tuesday Wednesday Thursday starting the week 4th September for 3 months

  • Weekly Q&A session Tuesday 7pm EST

  • Our “trendinator” indicator for tradingview that does the heavy thinking for you and makes it easy to do

  • Our spreadsheet templates and coaches live results

The best of all, I’m throwing in our previous Crypto Salary Kickstarter system (which is very similar but complimentary)

So you can get both systems, AND 3 months of 5x/week live call instruction for $299.

Yeah, you read that right, anon.

Literally a tiny fraction of what we usually charge.

But there’s a catch (always is with me)

It’s only for sale for 1 week. We take this cohort, make them experts in 3 months, and then move on and teach a new system (you need multiple systems if you are going to grind out an income from this)

You can get this stunning, incredible, never to be repeated deal for 6 more days at