Its time (the party is starting again)

If you are just getting back into crypto after a bear market break… it’s going to be a little weird.

The hot coins from 2021 are a mixed bag.

Most of the names you remember are dead and not coming back. 

Two that ARE back are Solana and Link, and I recommend holding some of those.

But most of the coins which I really thought were going to be big won’t recover.

Too many bagholders. 

When people have been trapped underwater in a losing investment for years… when it starts to come good they sell out to get their money back.

But this extra selling pressure is like a car with the handbrake on.

It’s far easier to whip up a bunch of excitement around a fresh new coin with a fresh new narrative.

Over the next few days I’ll be showcasing some of the coins that our P.U.M.P.E.D. system has identified as being among the next to skyrocket in price.

ORBS was an unremarkable shitcoin running out of money until they sold a massive chunk of their project to DWF Labs.

DWF Labs pretends to be a “market maker” but that’s not the real story.

DWF is ground zero of scam central, the poster child for cryptocurrency manipulations. [here’s a decent blog post with some of the mountain of evidence]

What they do is buy a massive amount of a coin, then convince binance to list a perpetual futures market on the coin.

Since adding a perp future market to a coin drastically increases the liquidity, it becomes simple for DWF to mash “market buy” 50 times an hour and drive the price up.

If this sounds like it should be illegal… yeah it should be, but crypto has no rules, right?

So, anyways… 3 weeks ago a binance perpetual future was listed for this coin.

So we have…

The foremost crypto manipulators on the planet spend $10 million on an obscure coin…

And mysteriously, a perpetual future is listed for that coin a few weeks ago.

What this means is that they can cash out millions of dollars without crashing the price.

It’s a solid bet that they will do what they have done <checks notes> every single time before.

That’s what we do with the 100xCoinClub (except for the exiting the trade part which I’ll show you in tomorrow’s email).

If you’d like more information about the P.U.M.P.E.D. system I did a special presentation on it a few days ago.

If you’d like to get involved… there’s NEVER been a better time.

But we can only take on 150 people into our group this intake.

So you have until Midnight Tuesday to get in.

You get…

  • The P.U.M.P.E.D. recorded training

  • 1 year of 100xCoinClub Alerts where I spoon feed you the picks

  • Access to our 100xCoinClub community which is popping off

  • 3 months of weekly zoom calls with me personally

Even if you’ve never traded crypto before or you’ve taken a break… this is perfect for both raw beginners and seasoned veteran.

You can get it for an incredibly low price for 3 more days