The worst people in crypto

Who are the biggest assholes in crypto?

Crowded field, right?

Assholes to the left of me… assholes to the right.

But I’d like to present to you today the biggest wankmaggot cockholsters you’ve never heard of.

Today we do a deep dive on DWF Labs.

What these guys do is very interesting.

They find a coin where they can corner the float, and offer to buy a big chunk at a discount direct from the project.

They then orchestrate pumps and subsequent dumps

“Grachev was unapologetic when asked about the confusion between whether its investments were up-front venture capital checks or a drip-feed of over-the-counter token trades.”

“We deploy our money and we deploy it based on our risk management. I frankly don’t see anything wrong here,” Grachev said. “I don't care what other market makers/investors are doing. Because our main goal is not to mirror what other market players do. Our goal is to make our partners happy.”

These guys are serial pump-n-dumpers and they have a near perfect record.

Take a look at what happens immediately after “investing” in TON

You can see that both price and open interest is rising in TONCOIN. (It’s the coin launched by Telegram app)

It might look like this one is too late, but the open interest here tells us it has more to go.

On Thursday at 7pm EST I’ll be dishing the dirt on exactly how to reverse engineer these pumps in advance…

AND to spot them in real time, as they happen

With a reliable and repeatable system for riding them up and all the way back down.

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